Ben Faga


I'm creating a new publication/creative review/the future that I would love for you all to take part in. It is similar to Houserules, however instead of taking place in a "location" at a certain time - it will happen in a publication ---- I imagine it will be in print and have web content (depending on the needs of the contributors).

I am calling it "The Wave of Translation" after a wave discovered on the canal in 1834 - a wave that has since made possible the Information Age in which we find ourselves today... More details in the first issue :)

A submission could be anything - my only request is that it is somehow related to the canal.

Also, please extend the invite to anyone you think may be interested in taking part.

Somehow related to the canal? I use this as restriction only to act as a thread that binds us and each work. It gives the artists a point of departure and will give the audience something to hold onto. Be as literal or abstract as you wish.

I am away on a meditation course until the 20th - so sorry for not responding to questions. Just imagine what I would answer and that should suffice.

The deadline for submissions is the 28th of February 2017!

send submissions to benjaminfaga at gmail dot com